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Hi, I’m Jen Glantz!

I live in a tiny little Brooklyn apartment a few blocks away from my favorite pizza shop. My best friend is a dog named Goofy. I was perpetually single for most of my 20’s, so one month, I decided to go on 14 first-dates. I met nobody I ever wanted to see again. I was about to quit dating forever until I decided to meet one more guy, at one more coffee spot. I married date #15 (Adam!) outside that very coffee shop, 5 years later.

Adam and I spent 2-years living in new cities every single month. We didn’t have a permanent mailing address. We got rid of all our stuff. I didn’t miss any of it.

I’ve tried out for a gazillion reality TV shows: from The Bachelor to Shark Tank. I almost made it on The Amazing Race.

I adore spending Sunday afternoons talking to strangers on benches, writing poetry in my head, brainstorming billion dollar businesses ideas, and playing guitar in a band where the lead singer is…my dad.

I don’t believe in: making my bed, matching my clothes, or pretending to be anyone other than who I am.

I believe: that the best things will happen to us if we just promise ourselves to never give up.

I Do A lot of Odd Stuff…

My life ended up taking a one-way trip toward the adventure of a lifetime in 2014 when I posted a Craigslist ad offering myself as a bridesmaid for hire to strangers around the world. The ad went viral, and just three days later, I started my first business, Bridesmaid for Hire, which I still run today.
I wrote an entire memoir about this time in my life, which was equal parts extraordinary and equal parts unbelievable. It's called Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire). My most recent book is about trying to get married in a pandemic.
I've also found myself telling my story on a lot of TV shows, like the TODAY Show, where Hoda Kotb gave me the warmest hug; Good Morning America, which came with me to video my very first wedding as a professional bridesmaid in Minnesota; and Fox News, where an anchor called my job the "weirdest ever."

I'm working really hard to turn my story into a TV show—or a movie. 

Today, I host a podcast called You're Not Getting Any Younger, which I started after pulling out of a dark place in life that had me feeling sad, stuck, and scared of my own shadow. It features guests that help listeners make big changes in their lives (starting with small steps). It's one of my favorite thing to work on each week. In 2021, I reached 200 episodes! 

I also launched a card game!
I run my own coaching and consulting company, Jen & Juice, where I work with individuals and companies to help them tell their story, start something big for themselves, or help them get out of a funk. My passion for speaking has landed my Converse on stages for audiences at SXSW, Apple, HBO, Google, Wharton School of Business, and WeWork.

This Newsletter is My Heartbeat

When I started The Monday Pick-Me-Up, over 8-years ago, I did it as a way to enter people’s inboxes and remind them, that no matter the twists that enter their lives in the week ahead, there are ways to take deep breaths, to grab onto little sparkles of joy + hope, and to find laughter when everything just feels absurd.

I’m excited to keep sharing tips, advice, and really personal stories with you every single week.

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Hi! I’m Jen Glantz: the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire, a nonfiction author, and a digital creator. I live in Brooklyn with Goofy (the dog), Gemma (the baby), and Adam (the husband). I eat pizza almost every day.